Above: My freshman fall semester drawing portfolio in its entirety (taught by Norm Paris)
"The Pile" Drawing - prompt inspired by the concept of the "sublime". The idea of using origami cranes comes from my interest in their patterns and textures, and how their folds react to light and shadows.
Figure Studies: (on wall) our first assignment: practicing drawing with the cross contour method while studying the core of the human skeleton. (on floor) various quick sketches of the human figure, skeleton, and skull done in class with a variety of materials.
The Scroll Drawing - a study of the human body's skeletal structure on a 15 ft. scroll; the focus placed on drawing with the cross contour method and understanding proportions and details.
Fabric Studies: inspired by the iceberg paintings of Frederic Church, these drawings examined how different fabric surfaces react to a light source.
Final Series: Jumping off of my fabric studies, I took a broader approach and experimented with drawing ice, water, fabrics, and other interesting surfaces all the while still studying how they react to light sources.
Time Of Day: a study of four different times of day in the dorm staircase facing a tall window and how objects obstruct my view and react to light themselves.
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